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Happy Mother's Day

Updated: May 10, 2021

Today we celebrate all mothers for their endless efforts and selfless acts of kindness and love. We don't often thank them enough, but they're always there; ready to help. Moms are a lot like superhero's - they can repair hard-hitting issues like cuts and scrapes, they appear to know the future and can help guide you with advice, and they can lift you in the air to keep you out of harm's way or to boost your confidence.

Moms are very protective, resourceful, and always a step ahead of you - never underestimate a mom! Shower your mom with extra amounts of love and attention today as you celebrate her - she's earned it.

As a token of our appreciation, we're giving all moms a special gift during our special Mother's Day Week (May 9 - May 15). To claim your gift, text "Mother" to (843) 508-4951. Contact us if you have any issues or questions.

Have an amazing day!

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