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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! You are admired, cherished, revered, and loved for everything you have done for your children and your family – for everything you have sacrificed along the way so that your children could have a life you meant for them to have. You worked your ass off, maybe holding down multiple jobs and working long hours – putting up with people and bosses that treated you like dirt, so that you set an example to your children that life is hard but no matter what – you don’t quit. You create things out of thin air and you make it look elegant and effortless.

When money is low and you have hungry mouths to feed, you manage to not only create a feast out of scraps, but it tastes amazing! When you have 20 billion things going on and being pulled in a thousand different directions, you manage to get one child to baseball practice, another child to track practice, and another child to band practice, and let’s not forget all that homework they need help with!

You manage TV time, break-up fights and march everyone through the shower - all while maintaining a clean and safe home. You are the ultimate multitasker, problem-solver, referee, personal bank, life coach, and cheerleader. It is very apparent that your children mean the world to you and it shows – every single day. Your children may not always thank you for everything you do, but I know they appreciate and love you more than any words they could ever say. But here’s to hoping they tell you today, on Mother’s Day!

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