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Why Freeze-Dried Skittles?

  • Bursting with Color & Flavor: Each Skittle is transformed into a crunchy, flavor-packed delight that's sure to please everyone.
  • Perfect for the Season: Light, crispy, and perfect for sharing, these Skittles are a unique treat for the holiday season.
  • Ideal Stocking Stuffer: Packaged in festive bags, they're ready to surprise and delight your loved ones.

Freeze-Dried Skizzles (12oz)


    Financing Available!

    RICOMA MT-1501 Bundle Includes:

    • 15 Needle, Singe-Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

    • High-Definition True-Color 7” LCD Touch Screen

    • Maximum speed of 1200 SPM

    • Maximum Embroidery Area of 22” x 14”

    • Heavy Study Steel Stand with Wheels

    • Hoop Kit (2 of each) | 3.5”, 5”, 6”, 9”, 12”x12”, and 22”x14”

    • Table-Top included for completing large areas of embroidery - Blankets, Banners, Flags, Table Cloths, and more!

    • Cap Driver Assembly (1 Cap Driver and 2 Cap Frames) to embroider Caps/Hats


    • Cheers Design (DST)

    • Ricoma Logo Design (DST)

    • Tension Test Design (DST)


    • Operation Manual (PDF)

    • Chroma Quick Start Guide (PDF)

    • SanDisk SecureAccess Quick Start Guide (PDF)

    • Ricoma Machine Training (PDF)

    • The Ultimate Thread Break Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)

    • The Ultimate Embroidery Cheat Sheet (PDF)

    • 10 Steps of Embroidery (Smart Card)

    • Needle Sizes (Smart Card)

    • Speed Selection (Smart Card)


    • SanDisk SecureAccess Program

    • Chroma Legacy Inspire with Serial #


    • (10x) Pre-Training Videos

    • (67x) Post-Training Videos

    • (23x) Chroma Digitizing Videos

    • (26x) How-To Videos


    • Mighty Hoop Starter Kit (MH-CH400A-55-KIT)

    • Mighty Hoop 8x13 (MH-TJ500-813)

    • Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture (MH-80J-FIX)

    • Mighty Hoop 8x9 (MH-CH400-89)

    • Mighty Hoop 10x19 (MH-TJ600-1019)

    • 60 Assorted Colors of Huge Spool 5000M Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread for Commercial and Domestic Embroidery Machines

    • Thread Tension Gauge

    • Wash Away - Water Soluble Topping Film (12x25yd/Roll)

    • Cut Away - Embroidery Stabilizer Backing (12x50yd/Roll)

    • Tear Away - Embroidery Stabilizer Backing (12x50yd/Roll)

    • White Lithium Grease (8oz) - 2 Pack

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